Solution to film wrinkling of vacuum coating equipment

- Sep 02, 2017 -

With the increasing demand of people, the film packaging technology is widely used in the outer packaging, making the goods colorful and dazzling, which greatly arouse the desire of consumers to buy. But the coating process due to the factors of materials and technology, equipment, environment and other aspects, there will be film blistering, wrinkle, skin, monlchamus film phenomenon.

1. The film transfer roller is not balanced. Transfer rod should be adjusted.

2, vacuum coating equipment film at both ends of the elastic inconsistent or wavy edge. Qualified films should be replaced.

3, the adhesive layer is too thick, solvent evaporation is not complete, affecting the viscosity, pressure roller extrusion, sliding between paper and film. The amount of coating should be adjusted to increase the temperature of drying channel.

4, electric roller and rubber roller imbalance at both ends, the pressure is not consistent, the line speed is unequal. Two rollers should be adjusted

automatic coating machine.jpg

Dust collection of the beads coating machine:

Dust collection of the beads coating machine.jpg

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