The future development direction of mineral processing equipment in our country

- Apr 06, 2012 -

The birth of a new type of mineral processing equipment, often bring about the change of mineral processing technology. The technical level of equipment is not only the premise of the level of technology, but also a direct impact on the production process and application. Scientific and technological progress, new technology and the application of new processing technology, a strong impetus to the continuous improvement of mineral processing equipment and energy efficient direction.

As we all know, China is a large mineral resources, but according to the characteristics of China's mineral resources, mining use, it must be its meticulous mineral processing, this way, for China's mineral processing machinery industry has brought great room for development, Especially the mineral processing equipment can be a very good development, then we come to talk about the development trend of China's mineral processing equipment for the future development of a better comprehensive analysis.

With the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and policies, in the grinding and identification equipment, we must grasp the introduction of energy-saving ultra-fine and cooperative development, increase the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, and strive to develop our own products, Large-scale fine-grained iron ore minerals, including the permanent magnetization of magnetic equipment, energy efficient ball mill, high-tech planetary ball mill, micro-flotation machine and flotation column, etc. To have a multi-stage optional performance Of the multi-cylinder magnetic separator more in-depth study. We should further strengthen the research on the beneficiation technology of the fine grain red iron ore and the composite poly metal red iron ore to further improve the utilization rate of the red iron ore in China.

crusher machine:

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eps expanding machine:

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automatic coating machine:

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