The three structures of precoating laminating machine are outlined

- Jun 17, 2017 -

Pre coating laminating machine operation including glue, drying, pressing the three part, the higher requirements of operation, has the advantages of reliable product quality, it is a fatal disadvantage is oily glue will produce gas processing affect human health, so this kind of technology in Europe and other developed countries have a total ban, water cement ratio and oil environmental protection, relative to the high cost of oil.

Laminating machine has three major structures are as follows:

1. automatic input of printed matter

Automatic conveying mechanism can ensure the printing will not overlap and offset into composite part in transmission, using pneumatic or friction mode to realize the control, accurate delivery, high precision, small format printing in composite products, can also meet the above requirements.

Hot pressing composite mechanism of 2. pre coated laminating machine

The hot pressing compound mechanism comprises a compound roller group and a calender roll group. The compound roller group is composed of heating pressure roller and silica gel pressure roller. The thermal pressure roller is a hollow roller, with internal heating device, forging surface hard chromium, and after polishing and grinding processing; hot roll temperature sensor sampling, by tracking the computer at any time correction; composite pressure adjustment by eccentric cam, the pressure can be adjusted. The calender roller group and the compound roller group are basically the same, that is, the chromium plated pressure roller and the silica gel pressure roller, but without heating device. The main function of the calender roll group is that the surface brightness of the pre coated plastic film and the printing compound is not high, and then the light roller group is pressed two times, and the surface brightness and adhesive strength are greatly improved.

Transmission system of 3. pre coated laminating machine

Laminating machine drive system is controlled by computer and high power motor drive, a gear reducer, through three chain drive, driven by silicone pressure roller, the motion of the paper feeding mechanism and composite part and light pressure mechanism. The pressure roller group maintains the suitable working pressure under the stepless regulating pressure.

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eps beads coating machine feeding system:

eps beads coating machine feeding system.jpg

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