The Use Of Eps Foam Molding Machine

- Mar 06, 2015 -

For those who do not understand theeps foam molding machine, may feel very difficult to operate, but the fact is not the case. Today, this machine is easy to learn to operate, it can be said that everyone can manipulate.

In the use of the eps foam molding machine, the first thing to do is to stabilize the machine, which is the most important, if unstable, the machine will certainly be used to quiver, there is a better observation of the internal observation of the machine. And then the machine is the line, and the power connection is good, then you can click on the machine switch, and if the machine shows a green light, then it is working properly.

And then the sensor directly on the container, and then select the button on the handle, until the red and other display, the performance of the machine at this time is in the state of heating. This is the most should be noted that the sensor can not be taken away, to wait until the red light is no longer bright, and then take the sensor device.

block moulding machine.jpgEps Foam Molding Machine

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