Full-precision Double-roll Coating Machine

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Full-precision double-roll coating machine


A. This machine is designed for flat surface board suc as building insulation decorative plate, floor, Shutters, furniture, cabinet board, PVC buckle board, Countertop to paint or specially second primer, the finished production is very smooth,Full of good, before and after no heap paint.

B. Conveyor belt and coating wheel, electro-optical wheel are controlled by the import of motor, inverter speed, so that paint smoothness, more precise film thickness.

C. Coating wheels can be disassembly quikly, easy to change and install, accurate positioning,the height is contol by Digital displacer .

D. Electro-optical wheel, scraper can be selected according to different conditions of different work, so that the operation more flexible.

E. Equipped with 5 frequency converters, each group can be used alone, processing more accurate.

DeliveryAcid vessels are made of qualified ss 304.automatic coating machine

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