The Key To Using Eps Molding Machines

- Mar 01, 2014 -

EPS molding, according to the molding material to choose a different penetration method: the general mold space is larger, punch is relatively simple, you can choose a penetration, that is, one-way penetration, so that molding time can be greatly reduced, generally one-way Penetration pressure to select low pressure zone.

The key to EPS molding:

1, material gun situation (lack of feed, waste increased, low efficiency); so in the daily mold maintenance in the material gun often need to repair;

2, to prevent leakage, leakage (energy consumption, efficiency, machine corrosion);

3, vacuum check (vacuum difference, easy to vaporize, the product is easy to swell);

4, pressure check (including the feed and a variety of controller pressure check).

block moulding machine.jpg

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